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Strategies for Long Term Success

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You are looking back at what you have accomplished and feel you have done little. 

You look around at others who have great jobs, happy families, loving relationships, and good health. How?

My name's Wang Yip and I'm a self-published author, former management consultant, and life hacker. I've examined my life in the past ten years, reflecting on where I was and what I have become, and broken down 35 strategies for long-term success, the specific small steps I took (or wish I took) ten years ago, so that I could set myself up for success now.

The book covers strategies in what I consider being the three major areas of life: health, wealth, and wisdom. Some topics include:

- Investing

- Career

- Building skills

- Networking

- Diet

- Exercise

- Creativity

- Writing

- Habits

- and more!

All the things I have done to turn my life around from being a low performer, eating unhealthy foods, being overweight, and going nowhere in my job, to being a high performer, eating healthy, being in good shape, having career aspirations, and being overall much happier.

The book has 35 'strategies' and I break each strategy down into three parts: what you can do in ten minutes every day, what it would look like in ten months (and how it grows), and finally, what you can expect in ten years. I break it down into these three parts because everybody has ten minutes. And in ten months, you can reasonably expect to see change or progress (and if not, you can experiment with other tactics). And finally, in ten years, your life will be completely different, just from small actions taken every day.

Don't let ten years go by with nothing to show for it. Buy Strategies for Long Term Success today.

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Strategies for Long Term Success

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