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Make your next speech amazing!


Hi there!

I'm going to teach you how to take a speech that you have written and turn it from an average speech to a GREAT speech.... with ten proven tips with examples. 

For instance, suppose you are nervous about giving a speech (hey, even experienced speakers get nervous). We are all told that you should 'fake it till you make it', but did you know that there is a psychological trick to get you into that confident mindset? 

If you want to feel confident (e.g., before an interview, speech, a date or just in general feel more confident) try this technique right now - it'll boost your confidence. 

It's called the Power Pose and it will get you pumped! 

Here is exactly what you do to feel more confident: 

  • Put your arms in the air in a "V" position
  • Hold for 2 minutes

That's it! 

If you have 20 minutes to spare, take a look at the Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy:

By the way, this tip is in my book, but it isn't one of the ten tips that I cover. 

What you will get

This e-book includes: 

  • Action steps to take your 'average' speech and turn it into one that has more impact, that delivers the message more effectively to the audience and convinces them to take action
  • Ten tips (plus a bonus tip) on how to turn an average speech into a great speech
  • Loads of examples and tactics for each tip 
  • A checklist at the end of each tip that summarizes everything that I covered for the tip and gives you a handy way to see if you used the tip in the best way possible

After looking through this checklist, you will understand why specific speeches have an impact on you and why you forget about other speeches minutes after you hear them. 

Customer testimonials

Here is the feedback I have received about this e-book: 

"I really love how everything's organised - the "explanation, example, checklist" structure makes everything easier to digest. Your writing style is really good too and makes it an interesting read."

"Just read your speech guide. I thought it was extremely well written."

"I like the way you broke them down in simple language and supplemented each tip with clear examples. What I will take away and why."


Purchase this e-book now and get the tips, tactics and strategies that great speakers use to turn their average speech into a great speech delivered to you instantly. This e-book will be updated with pictures, videos and additional tips so buy it now and get all future updates for free. 

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Make your next speech amazing!

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